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Mediator Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) may collect your Personal Data for any purposes by setting up the Privacy Policy/Personal Data protection policy, regulations and guidelines to ensure that the Company shall use Personal Data according to the specified purposes and the relevant laws. The Company strongly respects your privacy and put the highest effort for securing your Personal Data.

  1. The purposes of this Privacy Policy

    In order to securely retain and faithfully use the Personal Data of customers, suppliers, visitors or relevant third parties including to be in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act, B.E. 2562.

  2. Definition and scope of retained Personal Data

    1. “Customer” means individual person, company, department store, the shop buying products or using the services of the company.
    2. “Supplier” means individual person, company, department store, the shop trading products or providing services to the Company.
    3. “Visitor” means third party who coordinates, visits or engage in any transactions with the Company, other than trading or providing the products and services.
    4. “Personal Data” means

      (1) Any information, directly obtained from you or received from the third party, which enables the identification of you including Personal Data of Customer, Supplier and Visitors, when the account registration is proceeded or the revision of any information in such account is done, including when you buy the products or services, answer the questionnaire, apply for receiving information via e-mail, attend any online course or any services, such as name and surname, address, date of birth, sexual information, age, photo, e-mail address, bank account number, credit card number (if any), ID card, taxpayer identification number, telephone number, and so on.

      (2) Information which is obtained when you the service through website, such as, device identifier, IP address, device identification code, device type, mobile phone network information, connecting information, geographic location information, Browser type, browsing history record, Login log, transaction log, customer behavior, website Traffic Statistics, access time, and so on.

  3. Policy on collection, retention and use of the Personal Data

    1. The Company utmost respects the privacy of customers, suppliers and visitors.
    2. The Company shall collect Personal Data as necessary for business operating or as required by law or defined by the relevant institutes and agencies.
    3. The Company shall carefully and confidentially retain the Personal Data.
    4. The Company shall define the duties of data collector, data processor, data keeper, data user, the person who approves data using, including obvious processes for access inspection to ensure that the retained Personal Data will be confidential and be used faithfully.
    5. The Customer, Supplier and Visitors, as a Data Subject, is entitled to request for checking, inspecting and accessing the retained Personal Data, at any time, during the retention period. In case there is any change of the Personal Data or additional Personal Data is required by the Company or relevant institutes, the Data Subject needs to inform such change or provide the required Personal Data.
    6. The Personal Data of foreign Customer, Supplier and Visitors shall be collected, retained and used at the equivalent standard as Thai nationals.
    7. Any Personal Data which is retained by the Company according to this Privacy Policy shall be deemed as important business information. The Company shall retain the said Personal Data as it is the Company’s information. Any person who violates, destroys, damage the retained Personal Data or use it for personal benefit, the Company shall proceed the highest punishment and/or final prosecution as well as claim for compensation of the damages incurred in full rate as regulated by laws.
    8. The collection, retention, use, inspection, review, approving or any actions relating to the Personal Data under this Privacy Policy shall be in confidential and faithful. This Personal Data shall be deemed as the highest confidential information and its inspection shall be recorded as an evidence.
    9. The Company may, from time to time, revise the regulations and guideline as it is necessary and appropriate.
  4. The purposes of collection your Personal Data

    The Company may use your Personal Data for the following purposes.

    1. For managing the use of service be done orderly and in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules.
    2. For affirming or identifying your identity when accesses to use any services of the Company.
    3. For increasing effectiveness on providing any services to you.
    4. For contacting to you via telephone, message (SMS), E-mail, social network media, post or any channels to enquire, inform, inspect and verify the information regarding your account, conduct a survey, or to inform other information relating to the Company's services as necessary.
    5. For other benefits relating to the Company’ s business operations, such as, for studying, researching, making the statistics, developing the service providing and arranging marketing plan, or advertising to the target group, including providing the contents and advertisement of the activities and promotion as well as appropriate advice so that the provided services will be matched with your interest.
  5. Provision the Personal Data to the Third Party

    The Company may, under your consent, provide your Personal Data to any third parties under the scope of this Privacy Policy or under any applicable laws which allow the Personal Data to be disclosed. Your Personal Data may be provided to the following institutes:

    1. The companies/ employer agencies, subcontractors, the Company’s associates or any person, both in Thailand and other countries, which is defined by the Company. The Company shall ensure that the said persons will retain your Personal Data confidentially and will not use your Personal Data apart from the scope of the purposes stated herein.
    2. The government sectors, state agencies, service regulators, including the case where there is a request for disclosing the information under the law, such as, a request of information for proceeding a lawsuit or prosecution, a request from a private organization or third parties which is relevant to the legal procedures.
  6. Retention period of Personal Data

    The Company shall retain your Personal Data during the period that you are proceeding the transactions or participating in any activities of the Company, or through the period as necessary for the abovementioned purposes under this Privacy Policy which the period may be extended in case it is required or approved by laws, such as, for the proof of dispute resolution which may be incurred within the prescription defined by law.

    During the retention period, the security measures shall be taken appropriately for preventing the unauthorized accessing, collecting, using, disclosing, copying, adjusting, deleting or any other similar risk. In this regard, the Company shall erase, destroy or anonymize the Personal Data to become the anonymous data which cannot identify you when it is no longer necessary or the retention period is finished.

  7. Security for retaining the Personal Data

    The Company provides and/or adopts an appropriate mechanism and technical system for retaining the Personal Data, including measures to limit the accessing into your Personal Data by the staff or employee to prevent the unauthorized use, disclosure, destroy or access. However, the Company cannot guarantee that there will be no mistake or error incurred from the actions under such Privacy Policy. The Company, therefore, hereby reserves the right to disclaim any damages or lost which may be incurred in all cases.

  8. The right of Data Subject

    The rights of the Customer, Suppliers and Visitors as a Data Subject are as follows:

    1. The right to access and inspect the retaining and using of your own Personal Data, at any time, during working time, by informing to the contact person or manager of the department which you are coordinating for contacting to the Company.
    2. The right to receive a certification or to use your own Personal Data.
    3. The right to revoke your consent at any time during the period that the Company retains your Personal Data unless there is a restriction on exercising that right regulated by law or under the contract which is advantage for you.
    4. The right to request deletion or destroying your Personal Data or anonymizing the Personal Data to become the anonymous data which cannot identify you, in case you opine that your retained Personal Data was collected, used and/or disclosed unlawfully according to the relevant law or you opine that it is unnecessary for theCompany to retain your Personal Data.

      To exercise your rights as abovementioned may be restricted by the relevant laws. Also, in the case where it is necessary, the Company may reject or be unable to respond your request, such as, it is defined by law or court order, your right exercising may violate other person’s rights and liberties, and so on.

  9. Contact information

    For any inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy, you can contact to the Company by phone number: 02-392-3288 or E-mail: [email protected]



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