Recruiting partners

Recruitment of partners provides information and business support to companies in the AMATA Industrial Estate.

Interested in using the services of to support expand your business?

  • Partners we look for:

    Japanese companies or organizations that want to expand their markets in Thailand.

    Companies or organizations from Thailand (including Amata Industrial Estate) that want to expand channels or businesses

Please feel free to contact us.

Are you having these problems?

Would like to build a customer base in Amata Industrial Estate but do not know the needs of customers
Would like to increase opportunities for PR, but can't do anything on the web or at exhibitions.
Own company has website but it has not led to business negotiations
Although information obtained from inquiries, but the response to that demand may be limited by language and other obstacles.

We can investigate customer needs

We offer the opportunity to collect the voices of customers moving into AMATA Industrial Park
Of course it helps to develop new products, but you can do it while you are in Japan while you are considering going into Thailand

Support sales strategy planning

Among the 1,400 AMATA companies, a priority customer that matches your product / service is extracted using Meeit.Biz's unique algorithm
In addition, we will support the creation of PR plans that properly combine various media such as DM, mailing list distribution, listing advertisement, Meeit.Biz banner advertisement, etc.

On the HP page will show the strengths of the service and products, supporting all three languages.

We plan and produce website pages that can promote your company's products and services in Japanese, Thai, and English in three languages.
Can use the Showroom area ※ of the website located in Amata Industrial Estate for public relations purposes.

※ It is installed in Hitachi High-Tech Amata Smart Services Co., Ltd. Share factory

Can meet customers directly

We can provide support, help to promote products and services to customers directly through exhibitions and seminars or organize meetings organized by Meet.Biz etc.

Arrange large-scale campaign attracting customers

When start a new service, we will increase the exposure at a stretch, and plan and implement a campaign to boost customer acquisition

Also supports trilingual communication

A communicator from Meeit.Biz will bridge communication in Japanese, Thai and English.
We can expect to prevent omissions in customer inquiries and shorten response times

Actively create business opportunities

Actively create opportunities for business talks with customers through tele appointments that make full use of Meeit.Biz's network


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