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Reduce electricity expense in factories and warehouses! Free trial service for checking air leak in equipment and pipes.

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Service overview

Service features

  • Initial investment for expensive equipment is not required. First, start from free air leak checking service.

    There are also services that staff using air leak check viewer to check inside factory, so initial investment for expensive equipment is not required.
    * Able to sell viewer, if it is needed.

  • Easy-to-understand display with image

    For conventional air leak probes, difficulty of usage in factory with loud sound was the problem. This viewer is able to find leak point without regard to noise. Also able to identify invisible area such as the back of the pipe.

  • Easily identify air leak point in large factory

    For conventional air leaks probe, inability to know leaking point unless going nearby was the problem. This viewer is also able to check remote area. Even ordinary staffs are also able to find leaking point without spending time.

Opportunities of Cost Reduction

Cost reduction

For example, the factory which use electric 200,000 THB / month, it means you pay 400,000 – 600,000 THB for air compressor.
But it is not easy to maintenance. Because a lot of air is leaking many places in factory and it is very difficult to find all.

The case of 6 bar pressure air is leaked from 1mm gap from pipe or joint, the loss cost is 1 THB / hour.

Do not you care about this small cost? Do not you care about this small cost?
1 THB * 20 Hours * 30 days * 100 places = 60,000 THB / month
This is an actual result of air leak check for our customer which using electric 2 mil THB / month.
In this case, factory pay 400,000 – 600,000 THB / month electric for air compressor and they cannot use anything. It means they pay money and through away 10 – 15 % of it.

*This is example, condition is different in each factory.
So we developed new service to check easy to find air leak spot in factory.


New Innovation for Checking Air Leak



In the past, there are some measurement tools for checking air leak. But it was not easy to use it by many reasons.
We are using Air Leak Viewer developed by JFE Advantech based on Japanese technology.


・ It takes time just 1 – 6 hours and can check all factory.
・ Can check air leak point where you cannot see
(like behind pipe).
・ We will find air leak point, save pictures for evidence by SD card.

*Not only air, we also can find steam and gas leak.



Just hold over like this


Can easy to check the point of air leak


Do you guess this equipment is expensive? We are providing “Air Leak Check Service”.
We will visit your factory and check air leak by this viewer. It will be charged from 1Hrs to 6Hrs.
So you do not need big investment.


Service Flow

Service flow


Step.1 |Contact us
Step.2 |Free Trial (10 min and will find few points of air leak)
Step.3 |Send application of service
Step.4 |Air Leak Check Service (Charged) If we will not able to find any air leak spot, all checking service fee will be free!
Step.5 |Will deliver air leak position pictures by SD card

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