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From Manual to Automatic EXCEL operation improvement/Data benefit/Data Integrity/Basic System Cooperation etc. Solving problems about data cooperation

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Our target

Strength of our services

Our strength

  • “Connect” without programming

    Data joint operation or technical skills and knowledge for each system are not necessary. It is able to operate each system without using program.

  • Abundant access points and various Adapters

    50 kinds of abundant adapters such as major cloud service, main data base, and application are prepared.

  • High-speed processing on large amount of data and complex data

    Processing efficiency will be increased by analyzing and executing process; data extraction, data transformation and data inputting. High-speed processing in large amount of data will be implemented.

Solution Introduction

Intensely support Thai-Japanese businesses!

  • Core system (AS400) cooperative solution

    Cooperation of AS400 (Legacy System) and cloud application

    Implementation completed only in 4 months Able to process stably even for the large amount of data Cloud and On-premises process are securely connected

  • Work System Reformation

    Reduce working hours and resolve the shortage of manpower.

    Automate order entry and management that operated manually. Provide streamlining business efficiency as well as responding to customers quickly and accurately. It takes time to input and check many orders in the department that receives orders via Web-EDI and has many transactions with customers. Automating the input and management of purchase orders will be able to solve manpower shortage and respond to customers quickly and accurately.

Product Introduction

HULFT Product Lineup

  • DataSpider Servista

    "Connect" data and applications from different systems without programming. Improve work efficiency, reduce manual works, integrate Excel data, and be active in IoT.


    A tool to automate international data exchanging. It can be downloaded to each server and responded to even different OS. By compression and transfer, there is also an effect of reducing network load. It reduces network load of large amount of data with head office.


    Acquiring Information from edge and device layer; production device which occur in production site and linking to data using spot such as server or cloud, IoT data cooperative solution can be built easily without programming.

About Us

HULFT Pte Ltd.

In 2015, establishing ASEAN base in Singapore in order to be useful for data collaboration issues in ASEAN countries, we have implemented and solved various proposals. In 2018, expanding to Thailand, we received patronage both from local customers and Japanese customers. Being No.1 in Japanese market share and No.3 in global market share, we would like to express easy-to-understand utility value to all customers. Please feel free to consult with us.

CRC Tower, All Seasons Place, 87/2 Wireless Rd, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

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