Corporate Training English Courses and Law Courses

Corporate Training English Courses and Law Courses

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D.B.Corporation Co., Ltd.

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Our target

Strength of our services

Service at glance

  • Learning from Experts

    All instructors provided by DB Academy are experts in the fields. We believe that our courses are practical and once your employees passes our courses, they will be able to apply their knowledge to the most beneficial of the company.

  • Performance assessment

    There are proformance assessment before and after the training to evaluate the learners. The institute also provide certificates to certify the knowledge completion of the courses.

  • Consultation

    During the training, the learners can consult the instructors. The instructors are willing to give advice about the relevant issues throughout the courses.

Our training course

various kind of training

  • English Courses

    Foreign language study

    - English Communication
    - Business English
    - TOEIC Tutoring
    English is an international language and a medium of communication. Having an English training become necessary for the development of the employees and the organizations.

  • Law Courses

    Legal traning

    - Personal Data Protection Act
    - Offence Arising from the Use of Cheque Act
    - Computer Crimes Act
    Law has constantly changed. Thus, the companies should be well prepared with the new and revised law and regulations as well as strictly perform accordingly.

Other services

Various kind of solution

  • Legal Consultation

    We provide legal consultation relevant to the issues. Lawsuit is available upon the request.

  • Debt Collection Service

    We provide debt collection service including commercial debt and other types of debt.

  • Notary Public Service

    We also provide translation (Thai - English) and Notary Public Service verification.

About Us

D.B.Corporation Co., Ltd

D.B. Corporation company registered as a limited company was established on 15 June 2017. The objectives of the company are providing legal services and giving legal or academic consultation. D.B. Corporation Co., Ltd has expand our business to an academic field in the name of “DB Academy” with educational objectives. DB Academy provides corporate training; English Courses and Law Courses, which is necessary for the company in term of employees’ development and legal necessity.

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