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「Change into Progressive Space!」Video Visualization service – First step for IoT in your factory

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  • Subscription service using Cloud system

    No system development / construction is required. No need to make a large initial investment because you can prepare an inexpensive camera that can be purchased online and use it as soon as installation, registration, and simple settings are completed.

  • Synchronously play back video from up to 10 cameras

    Synchronized playback of camera images taken from all angles without blind spots. The recorded video can be played back at any time within the contract period. Trouble verification can be done smoothly with the video data when it occurs.

  • Connect seamlessly with external system

    Data such as work results and sensor information can be extracted from the outside programe and uploaded in CSV format. Able to import excel file from management record table.

Example of using video data

Use Example

1. No need for new system development or large-scale investment, as a first step to factory IoT.

・ Achieves “Visualization of the work by utilizing video data”
Only by preparing the camera and simple setting. Able to apply with manual work oriented process and small-lot, many items production process those are difficult to change to automation process. It contributes to productivity improvement by making it possible to record and analyze each work by using video data. For example, by counting the number of steps and movements during normal work and utilizing it for efficient equipment layout / process design, or by comparing the work of each operator, it is possible to detect the cause of variations in productivity and quality.

・ Please feel free to consider introducing it as a subscription service with a monthly fee starts from 15,000 THB.
No large-scale capital investment is required. You can use the service by using an inexpensive camera that can be purchased online.

2. As evidence of reliability of materials, processes and prices for verification of causes and planning of countermeasures when an abnormality occurs.

・ Verify the cause of random moment stop when a process or product defect occurs.
Video data recorded from multiple viewpoints can be recalled to measure cycle time, and the cause of the problem can be investigated based on specific facts. By setting multiple shooting points between processes and within the process, it is possible to trace the work and equipment operation status for several days to several weeks immediately before the trouble occurs.

・ Effective safety measures
Investigate risky work by conducting a hiyari hatto analysis (Incident awareness report) analysis using videos with no blind spots to verify safety measures for industrial accidents. In addition, the video data will be evidence that the work was done properly, and by continuing the track record of zero industrial accidents, it will lead to a gradual reduction in insurance premiums along with other measures.

・ Evidence of the reliability of the production process and the validity of the price.
It is possible to verify the past production process and use it as evidence of reliability indicator. In addition, by knowing the cycle time of each process, you can accurately grasp the cost, improve the estimation accuracy, and verify the validity of the target cost and standard cost.

. Easily check equipment operation and work guidance remotely.

・ Smooth remote information sharing.
Even if there is a physical distance between the development department and the mass production line, by enabling work verification from multiple perspectives, the number of times developers go to the site is reduced, and the same quality is achieved. Helping to make setting and launching new production line to be done more smoothly.

・ As a learning material for skill transfer and work guidance

Skilled workers are required for troubleshooting and switching between types / equipment, but we are not blessed with the opportunity to pass on the know-how of manual work to young people. If you record the outstanding work of skilled workers in a multi-view video at a certain timing, you can give work guidance to young people and overseas bases. It can be used as a living learning material.

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