With low concentarated ozone safe to human health eliminates more than 99% of virus and bacteria floating in the air

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Our target

Effectiveness of ReSPR


  • Measures against virus and sterilization

    Safely eliminates floating virus & bacteria from relatively closed space. Breaks harmful particles down to harmless state where people tuch to protect people from infectious risk and air risk.

  • Deordorization / Odor removal / Odor elimination

    With the technology developped by NASA and low concentrated ozone works safe to human health breaks down various bad odors, unpleasant odors from the root cause. Continuously eliminates odors in the air from corner to corner.

  • Maintains freshness of foods

    Controls gassing of ethylene gas that accerelates degradation and putridation of fresh foods such as fruitrs, vegetables, and meats. With its freshness maintaining effect, it can reduce loss from mis-storage by large.

The World’s First Technology


    • First ever heterogeneous photocatalytic technology in the world made for commercial use from studying the nature’s air purification process.

      What is NCC technology?

      Technology that creates hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) ion from moisture in the air by photocatalystic reaction between broad band UV lamp and honeycomb structured cell coated with special metal. Applied also in the international space station at NASA, the technology is human health friendly that was given birth from the study of mother nature’s air purification process.

    • Directly attacks virus, fungi, and odors in room space!

      Ion spreads inside of room and breaks harmful particles down.

      Generally speaking, it is impossible to completely eliminate bacteriophage house fungi and bad odors with reactive type air purifier using filter, and further more the filter can act as hotbed for bacteria and fungi to grow.
      Ion particles created by going through the ReSPR’s NCC cell directly attacks harmful microscopic particles and breaks down the root cause of problem. The efficacy of the particle covers from corner to corner of the room also cleans the surface of doorknobs and chairs the areas where people directly touche.

Portable Type


    As the product is desktop type, it van be placed or taken to any place anywhere. Ideal for shops and offices with limited space difficult for installation of large device.
    5-year lease with maintenance service at 2,400THB per month.

    We will install demonstration machine in the shared factory. Please feel free to experience it. For our factory visit, please submit from HERE

  • Product video ReSPR

Application area

  • Factory and warehouse

    Elimination and infection prevention from virus and bacteria floating in large space such as factory and warehouse.

  • Office

    Infection prevention inside of the office where securing social distancing is difficult. Breaks down harmful particles stuck onto areas where people touched to protect people from infection risks and air risks.

  • Staff canteen

    Infection prevention and odor control in staff canteen where can be concentrated and crowded with people. Continuously eliminates odors and smells across the area space.

  • Places where people gather

    Infection prevention / Bacteria, virus elimination / Smell & odor control in where many people gather as well as constant movement of people going in and out.

  • Food factory

    Mold control and bacteria / virus elimination in food factory / production line to secure food safety / Security to protect our health. Controls ethylene gas from being produced to sustain freshness.

  • Hospital / Medical institution

    Eliminates bacteria / virus / bad smell / unpleasant smell in medical facilities such as hospitals / clinics.

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