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Over 27 years in Thailand and over 9,700 clients. We provide various services to elevate business and living for the Japanese who live and work in Thailand

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  • Achievement of 27-year establishment!

    Located at Asoke, a familiar place for Japanese, recruitment service is provided.With 150,000 registered candidates and 9,700 partner companies. Introduce human resources for all industries and all fields.

  • Smoothly handling all the Japanese needs!

    Response to each Japanese customer needs speedily with courteous Japanese. Support Japanese companies who run business in Thailand.

  • Able to do total support with various services!

    Support all customer needs such as recruitment, office for rent, event space, translation and interpretation service, market survey and business matching by entire power of group companies.


Offer various services from group companies to support Japanese companies and the Japanese who live and work in Thailand

1. Recruitment

2. Office for rent

3. Meeting room for rent

4. Thai-Japanese-English interpretation

5. Thai-Japanese-English translation

6. Organize seminars for Japanese

7. Organize seminars for Thai workers in Japanese company


List of our services

  • Recruitment

    Support all kinds of employments, factory manager or technician, from manager level to new graduate, whether accountancy, sales, engineer or interpreter.

  • Reatal office

    OFFICE23 with Japanese staff, located in a good place with 3-minute walking from BTS Asoke and MRT Sukhumvit stations. Equipped with office furniture and WIFI, it’s ready for you to start working right away.

  • Rental meeting room

    Prepare meeting room depends on the number of attendants and purpose, from online meeting room for 1 person to maximum for 20 people. TV monitor, projector, and whiteboard are able to used free of charge. The service is available from 1 hour.

  • Thai-Japanese-English interpretation

    Able to handle even urgent enquiry. Support interpretation services for internal meeting, business matching, exhibition, machineries installation, etc. Thai and Japanese online interpretation is available from 1 hour.

  • Thai-Japanese-English translation

    Support variety of businesses such as law, management, human resource, and technical. Shorten working time with high quality translation. Receive even over-hundred-page procedure manual.

  • Organize seminar for Japanese

    Organize from seminar related to Thai revenue and culture to management seminar every month.

  • Organize seminar for Thai workers in Japanese companies

    Handle educations for new staff such as “Business manner and work fundamental” or “Ho-Ren-So seminar”. Also arrange well-known seminar such as “Logical thinking” and “Ho-Ren-So Management”.  

About Us


Since the establishment in 1994, we have recruited and educated human resources with “Always with smile” motto. With various services, we aim to be useful for everyone. Please come to visit us at Asoke.

L,UL FLOOR INTERCHANGE 21 BLDG,. 399 Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 TEL:02-260-8454

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