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Why JSCAST is Chosen?

  • Education and post-implementation support are available from local staff.

  • The software is available on an annual contract, so the cost of installation is low.

  • Shorter calculation time compared to other products.

Special Offer

Special Offer

  • The first simulation for free

    You can try to make a simulation free of charge for considering the installation that ONLY inquire via this website.
    Our professional engineers provide the analysis and report.
    *To be required the casting conditions and CAD data for the analysis.
    (discussed separately)
    *Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Function Overview

  • Easy Operation

    ・Animation and cross-sectional display make it easy for anyone to grasp the problem.
    ・You can easily import data created by a 3D scanner.
    ・Three days of one-on-one training in operations.

  • Visualizing the Problem.

    ・Shrinkage Porosity: Prediction of the location of outbreaks by solidification time and temperature gradient.
    ・Prediction from temperature drop position by temperature distribution and filling behavior by velocity vector
    ・Blow Holes: Simple prediction from fluidity analysis in consideration flow of backpressure, marker indication and unfilled area distribution.

  • Technology transfer

    ・Helping you to improve and validate your casting plan design skills.
    ・Skills and experience of experts can be transferred to local members.
    ・Ideal for basic education in casting and die casting.

  • Information Sharing (Visualization)

    ・Visualize problems on the manufacturing site, design, and production technology.
    ・Sharing product design issues with the manufacturers.

Installation results

Installation results

  • Industry: Manufacture and sale of copper valves, etc.

    ・Needed to do low-cost manufacturing for customer demand.
    ・High costs due to the number of prototypes and defective products.
    ・Bad yield rate.
    ・Japanese engineers need to be in charge of both defect control and management.

    ・As a result of reduced labor costs and problems, low-cost, high-quality manufacturing is now possible.
    ・JSCAST has improved product quality and reduced the number of problems.
    ・Local members can now use JSCAST to analyze the cause of the problem and also consider countermeasures.
    ・The time required for support by Japanese engineers has been greatly reduced.

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