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  • Create Data

    Support utilization of existing data or create from zero.

  • <3D Work>
    3D Data Utilization Consulting
    Data Analysis・Data Processing・Content Production

    Please let us know if you are having problem with 3D.

  • 3D Parts Catalog
    3D Animation
    MR・VR Content

    Provide versatile and high quality 3D services.

Support DX Promotion Using 3D Data!

Maximize Effective use of 3D Data!

  • Generating 3D Web Parts Catalog Automatically

    3D Web Parts Catalogue Automatic Generator

    Let the 3D data transform from design dept assets to company-wide assets!
    CATALOGcreator® is a 2D / 3D digital parts catalog production application developed by the German software company "TID Informatik GmbH". The application creates cross-links (bidirectional links) between data suitable for service parts catalogs from your product CAD data automatically. All linked assemblies and parts can be switched between the 3D view and the 2D view.

  • VR Remote Communication Tool

    Remote Conference on PC and VR

    It provides a VR space that allows simultaneous participation from multiple remote locations!
    By reproducing 3D data in VR space, multiple users regardless of home and abroad can view and touch the models in the same VR space in real-time which makes the experience very close to reality. Even without a VR device, you can participate on a PC. PDF and whiteboard display and writing, and voice communication between participants are also possible.

Latest 3D data application examples !

  • Experience danger situation via VR

    Able to recreate danger situation for training which is difficult to do in real environment. Therefore, it can be used as a tool for accident prevention and safety education.

  • HoloLens Large-scale printing machine Installation simulation

    We have reduced the 3D data of a huge printing machine, which is about 30 meters, to one hundredth by using XVL. In addition, XVL allows quality selection at the time of data conversion, preventing unexpected quality loss as a result, realizing full-scale display using HoloLens.

  • Car navigation assembly animation

    This is an introduction of car navigation assembly animation. It can be modeled from blueprints and developed into assembly animations and 3D assembly manuals.

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