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Features of MUSUBI-THAI

  • Help you to select best supplier

    We will help you to find best supplier with best quality, price and delivery condition from your MUSUBI-THAI Supplier Chain database.

  • Propose ideas for your equipment imporvement

    ECOTS's engieers will update and revise drawing of your parts and help you by proposing improvement ideas for your equipment .

  • Protection and management for your part drawings and remind for part replacement period

    Propose and remind appropriate timing for parts replacement by using function of maintenance history in order to avoid risk of machine downtime and protect drawing assets.



  • STEP 1|Engineering support service

    We will support you from measurement actual dimension, creating and revise drawing. Also we will provide service for equipment modification and automation system following your requirement.

  • STEP 2|Production and quality control

    Help you to select and provide suppliers with best quality, delivery and price condition by using MUSUBI Supplier Chain Database. For equipment project after manufacturing, we will test run at ECOTS factory and perform inspection by 3D Coordinate-measuring machine before delivery.

  • STEP 3|Drawing management and notification function

    Able to search for past drawing revise version and service history sorting in chronological order. We also provide alert function to notify you in advance for next parts replacement timming.

  • STEP 4|Maintenance history management

    Realtime able to check latest drawings and part order history even when a person in charge has resigned.


MUSUBI-THAI Customer Portal

  • Project list screen

    Able to check every project in list view real time status.

  • Project information screen

    Display information quotation and progress status and drawing(attachment). The customer can also communicate with us via e-mail and MUSUBI-THAI chat system for drawing, quotation and PO documents.

  • Progress report screen

    Check progress of each quotation anytime. The system will remind you promptly for information update or delivery date change via e-mail or chat system.

About Us


Ecots COMPANY LTD. is professional one stop service distributor and provider in manufacturing business over 10 years In consulting, design and assembly machine fabricated part direct to customer requirement to the most satisfaction of all segment. Year 2018 : Launch platform service ; Consult service providing, design and compiled fabrication assembly service in an individual attribute manufacturing With special functional responding to customer individual attribution.

999/11 Bangna Trad Rd, KM18, Bangchalong, Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540 Thailand.

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