Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW)

Super Alkaline Ion Water(SAIW) Strong antivirus and antibacterial effect.

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Effects and features of Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW)

  • Sterilization

    Effective for sterilization in factories and buildings Using it on a daily basis creates a hygienic environment and protects the health of employees. At the hydrogen ion concentration of SAIW (pH 12.5 or higher), microorganisms cannot grow, therefore food poisoning bacteria will die in 30 seconds. It also prevents water spoilage.

  • Detergency

    Can be used in place of detergent and alcohol for cleaning in various situations such as cleaning in factories and buildings, equipment cleaning, parts cleaning, etc. Moreover, since it also has an anti-corrosion effect, it has been widely used for industrial and business purposes such as cleaning equipment and parts in general. With super alkaline ionized water of pH 12.5, while 99.9% of the components are pure water, it exhibits a cleaning effect equivalent to or higher than that of synthetic detergent and caustic soda.

  • Safety

    Commonly sold "soaps" and "detergents" contain various chemical additives including synthetic surfactants, but the colorless, odorless and non-irritating component of SAIW is a trace amount of inorganic electrolyte and water only It has a wide range of functions such as sterilization, deodorization, cleaning, and rust prevention, and it is both human and environmentally friendly and boasts high safety.

In Thailand, it’s hard to get mask and disinfectant now due to, Covid-19.

We supposed to contribute to prevent the spread of the virus. Therefore, we provide free Super Alkaline Ion Water(SAIW)  to the a company, an organization or institution which can cooperate to our project as following.

We are please to provide the sample for industrial use, such as cleaning of equipment, manufacturing items and antirust.


*Factories and Commercial facilities: For maintain hygiene.

*Agents or Dealers

Companies which can develop product or service to prevent infection with us by using SAIW.

*Research institution: For test of the assessment of efficacy to Covid-19.

**The sample of SAIW is available in limited quantities.

Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW)

Mechanism of detergency

  • 1. Interfacial penetration

    Highly permeable Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW) quickly penetrates into the dirt-object interface.

  • 2. Peeling / dispersion

    The dirt of positive electrons is surrounded by negative electrons, the surface of the object also changes from positive to negative, and when negative electrons repel each other, the dirt is peeled from the surface of the object.

  • 3.Emulsification / separation

    Dirt surrounded by negative ⊖ ions are separated into small pieces and emulsify oil stains.

  • 4. Saponification

    When dirt and fats are mixed in, it becomes water soap and the detergency continues even if it looks dirty.

Super Alkaline Ionized Water (SAIW)

Purpose of use

  • Factories and buildings, General equipment cleaning

    By changing from detergent or alcohol to SAIW can improve safety to human body and maintain a hygienic work environment. Also, cleaning time is shortened because no rinsing is required.

  • Food processing plant (disinfection and cleaning of food and equipment)

    Changing the detergent, hypochlorous acid, alcohol, etc. to SAIW can reduce the risk of detergent being mixed into food. It is possible to maintain the freshness of food expenses while eliminating residual pesticides. Also, the harm to the human body and the transfer of odor are eliminated, and the working environment is improved.

  • Chiller cooling water and paint booth circulating water

    Changing from, RO water and industrial water to SAIW improve rust prevention, water spoilage prevention, bad smell prevention, bacterial growth control and able to reduce scale and amount of sludge.

  • Metal parts degreasing and cleaning

    By changing organic solvent and alkaline detergent to SAIW, it is safe even if you inhale vaporized gas, and no need to rinse. The cleaning solution does not spoil. Environmental load is reduced.

  • Cleaning and degreasing before painting

    When the thinner or organic solvent is changed to SAIW, the effects such as not harming the human body, improving the work environment because of no smell, and lowering the environmental load can be obtained.

  • Coolant dilution water

    By changing RO water or tap water to SAIW, it is possible to prevent rusting of machines and parts. Prevents water spoilage, reduce smell and bacterial.

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