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Features of Thai Gowell

Our strength

  • More than 552 professional translators and interpreters

    Over 552 translators and interpreters in Thailand and abroad. We have Thai and Japanese expert staffs who are specialised in various kind of fields.

  • Speedy response

    Respond promptly to inquiries and consultations by utilising the inquiry form.

  • Over 6,000 customers

    Over 6,000 companies have been using our translation and interpretation service in 8 years of establishment. In cooperation with head office in Tokyo, we are able to smoothly respond from both Japan and Thailand side.

“Gowell is Thai-Japanese and other languages translation and interpretation service company located Bangkok and Tokyo. We are expertise in Thai-Japanese and other languages translation in various profession fields such as manufacturing, product information, financial, infrastructure, law, medical and tourism.
Over 500 experts from both Thailand and Japan who registered to our company.  Offering timely and precise translation. For customers who is based in Japan, please feel free to contact our head office in Ginza, Tokyo
*Many translation companies in Japan also use our service, please feel free to contact us.”

Services of Thai Gowell

Various kind of solution

  • Thai language translation

    Document translation : research, manual, financial statement, contract, webpage, pamphlet, tourism and legal document etc. Furthermore we provide support large scale of translation work which contains more than 100,000 alphabets.

  • Thai language interpretation

    Enthusiastic Thai-Japanese interpreters who are expert in various profession field such as ministerial talks, international conference, business talk, contract, manufacturing, technical training and tourist guide etc. We can also promptly arrange from simultaneous interpreter to general consecutive interpreter.

  • Recruitment

    Over 5,000 registered foreign candidates in Japan who are fluently in Japanese and looking for job in our database. We are matching candidates for large numbers of our clients every months.

  • Thai and Japanese private lesson

    Ginza school offering both private and group lesson and private lesson at Bangkok school. Offering flexible courses particular detail to match your need. Providing consistent lesson before and after your stay in Thailand or Japan.

  • Travel to Japan

    One stop service support for booth operating in Thailand travel business expo, private business matching, inviting celebrities and influencers, develop and design japan travel related product, coordination with local travel agency etc.

  • PR Media distribution

    PR marketing your products and services in reasonable price. Publishing article in Thai via SNS, website, pamphlet, Facebook advertising, search engine advertising and outdoor advertising etc.

Interpretation and translation service

  • Interpretation service

    Thai-Japnese interpretation detail : general meeting, video call interpretation, factory training (short-term and long-term), business matching, exhibition, conference, seminar, executive interpreter to minister level, courtesy call, meeting, international conference, symposium, simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation

  • Translation service

    Thai translation detail : general document, letter, tourism, menu, website using general word in daily life, pamphlet, manual, research, plan, product information, contract, environment, safety, medical, medical certificate, financial statement, audit report, finance, legal document, technology, chemical, license, certificates, ID card, single proof certificate, resident registration, birth certificate, certificate of name /surname change, divorce certificate, company register document, list of shareholders, company certificate, objective of the company, memorandum of association, company's regulation.

  • Appointment agency service

    Appointment agency service provide appointment arrangement assistant on behalf of your company. please contact us for more information.

About Us

Thai Gowell Co., Ltd.

Thai Gowell Co., Ltd. is professional one stop service in interpretation, translation and Thai-Japanese human resource recruitment business. with over 6,000 clients in Thailand since establishment in 2008 in Thailand. Japanese head office located in Ginza, Tokyo offering international communication service for Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Myanmar language.

33th Fl, Interchange 21, 399 Sukhumvit Road, North Klongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

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