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Work Safety Education Cloud Service

  • Service is available anytime, anywhere

    This service allows you to easily access videos from smartphone and tablet, as well as PC, so you can watch work procedures and contents to promote awareness at your own time or at any time.
    Even details that are difficult to understand with paper manuals can be easily acquired by using tutorial videos .

    - PDF files and image files can be shared in addition to video files.

    - Contents can be sorted by category as well as be assigned individually to each worker.

    - Video speed can be adjusted for quicker and efficient viewing, to find problems and make improvements.

  • Easy to shoot and upload videos

    Simply take a video with your smartphone or tablet as well as upload videos that have been shot in the past *1.
    Work analysis / task optimization tool *2 makes it easy to create animation materials (option)
    *1 Please check with us about the file format of uploadable videos.
    *2 Work analysis / work optimization tool is an optional service.

  • Automatic subtitles and translation for videos

    The subtitle and translation function automatically analyzes and generates subtitles and translation in the specified language for videos. This leads to reduced time to translate other languages.

    - Automatically generate multilingual subtitles simply by adding audio to the video

    - Translations can be carried out within your company.

    - Subtitles in the local language can be created and easily communicated to workers*3

    * 3 Please check with us for the language supported

  • Supports technical skill development through managing qualifications, as well as video-viewing and workshop participation history

    Viewing History can be obtained by registering workers. Even if workers change frequently, you can easily follow-up the non-viewers by checking the attendance status.
    In addition, the service supports technical skill development that is required as“Organizational Knowledge ” of the ISO9001 2015 revised edition.

    - Manage qualifications, participation in training sessions and video-viewing history of individual workers.

    - Unified management(including attendance) and training plans can be considered for each worker.

  • Other optional services

    ● Work analysis and work optimization tool OTRS

    - Perform time measurement and comparison of work videos, and create a video manual for optimal work

    - Create a manual video by OTRS and share it with your whole company and promote repetitive learning.

    ● Provided video teaching materials Provides over 60 types of 3D-CG videos summarizing labor accident cases and measures tailored to the type of accident at the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare * 4
    - Can watch video or picture file on the cloud service.
    *4 It will be a 3D CG image teaching material of "One year of creating safety site" DVD series. "One year of safety site creation" DVD series is used under license from Act Engineering Co., Ltd.

    ● Videos and image files can be viewed through the cloud service.

    - Uses 3D-CG teaching material from DVD series licensed under Act Engineering Co., Ltd.

    ● Experience-based VR education

    - Provides 37 or more types of simulated experience content that
    realistically reproduces accident cases with VR

    ● Content production

    -Production of original videos, 3D-CG videos, and VR contents tailored to customer sites is possible to request.

In addition to information processing technology (IT) such as AI and big data analysis, Hitachi Industrial Control Solutions has control and operation technology (OT: Operational Technology), products and embedded (embedded) technology.

By combining these, IoT solutions that utilize operation data of devices etc. in the cycle of “Collection”,“Storage”, “Analysis” and “Improvement” are realized, and can be used by customers in the industrial sector and social infrastructure sector including the manufacturing industry.

The “Work Safety Education Cloud Service” promotes on-site, participatory safety education by photograph
on the site and sharing in the cloud.

The multilingual subtitled video manual makes it easy for foreign workers to understand and enable thorough safety education.

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