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Our Target


  • Unified Facility Management

    Hitachi CMMS can consolidate equipment management such as maintenance plan, maintenance and repair work history and so on.

  • Efficiency

    Using tablet devices saves on paper work and guarantees a valid record of the maintenance work.

  • Flexibility and Extensibility

    Ledgers and management items are flexible enough as your company does and scalable for future.


  • Unified Facility Management for Maintenace Information.

    Hitachi CMMS has an overall management of equipment such as maintenance plan, maintenance and repair work history and so on. The functions of figure on the right shows how CMMS helps you plan and implement countermeasures by grasping current situation and maintenance history.

  • Maintenance work by linking Information for Facility Operation.

    Hitachi CMMS can not only have information for equipment management but also keep that for operation. Maintenance engineer will be aware the situation rapidly by receiving the e-mail if the sensors detects the value exceeds the fair threshold. Maintenance information linking with operation and shutdown record makes it possible to optimize your operation.

  • Support stable operation for production equipment.

    Using tablet devices improve accuracy and efficiency of on-site maintenance work record.
    -Strengthened on-site maintenance work can be conducted while confirming instructions and drawings.
    -Record can be done from periodic maintenance to breakdown.
    -Off-line maintenance work is available by downloading maintenance plan in advance.

In addition to information processing technology (IT) such as AI and big data analysis, Hitachi Industrial Control Solutions has control and operation technology (OT: Operational Technology), products and embedded (embedded) technology.

By combining these, IoT solutions that utilize operation data of devices etc. in the cycle of “Collection”,“Storage”, “Analysis” and “Improvement” are realized, and can be used by customers in the industrial sector and social infrastructure sector including the manufacturing industry.

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In order to make everyone's lives safe and do not worry. We want to provide new value with superior technology and contribute to social development.

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We provide various solutions from Thailand by combining our technologies and expertise in the field of IT and OT which will support the customers in the manufacturing sector to optimize their management and operations.

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