Endpoint Management System

Post COVID-19 Working Style Reformation Control System

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Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (Thailand) Ltd.

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Features of service

  • Working time management

    Check start and end work time reported by employees and compare which realtime monitoring data.

  • Cyber attack defense

    Protection against malware and tighten IT security system in order to response to cyber attack which is becoming more and more difficult to cope and sophisticated nowadays. The features have been newly updated to encounter with external threat and developed for IT asset management to integrated endpoint management system

  • Information leak prevention

    "LanScope" realizes simple IT management by providing IT asset management / internal fraud / external threat countermeasures as one integrated tool. It is possible to significantly reduce the operating costs / time / resources those were required up to now. This provides an environment where companies can focus on what they should do while reducing security risks.

Function of LanScope

  • Working time management

    Analyze and monitor start and end working time as realtime chart and report log. Able to see at a glance and full of customisation functions.

  • Cyber attack countermeasures

    99% of unknown / subspecies malware is detected by artificial intelligence (AI). We protect your company system from virus infection and any kinds of threat.

  • Service form

    We provide both On-premises and cloud service. Support language : Japanese, English and Chinese

About Us

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (Thailand) Ltd.

Hitachi Sunway Information Systems (Hitachi Sunway) was established in 2013 as a joint venture between Hitachi Systems and Sunway Technology. We aim to be a one-stop ICT service provider in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia. MOTEX and LanScope Cat are registered trademarks of MOTEX Co., Ltd. Other company names, brands, products, logos, etc. appearing in the catalog are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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