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Sales Promotion / Digital Manual

Innovate in communication and work style

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Hitachi Document Solutions

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Sales Promotion

Strategy for internal and external communication

  • Express in a way that is easy to communicate. For customer mission and message

    Company introduction Video · PPT / brochure

    An introduction tool for visitors. Utilizing the company's vision and message, product introductions and initiatives, using video, PPT and brochures We will convey it to the visitor in an easy-to-understand manner.

    Example:Hitachi Asia(Thailand)Co.,Ltd.

    For the company introduction video

    We will support since Video shooting until editing

    In the PPT introduce the company and brochure

    We have experts in design advertiser copywriter and editor Work together to make that job the best
  • We propose "business activity space" according to business strategy


    Showroom for visitors We will offer product recommendations and examples to our customers in an easy-to-understand manner.

    Example:Hitachi High-Tech Amata Smart Services

  • Booth design that makes your booth stand out in the event

    Exhibition / Seminar

    From announcements before the show to booth design and layout design, presentation materials during the show, and management on the day.

    Example:AMATA Beyond Exhibition/
               Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation Booth

  • Record historical milestones inside and outside the company

    Anniversary event

    Through the anniversary events, we will respond to requests such as "to keep the history of the company in detail," "to foster the awareness of employees," and "to convey a feeling of gratitude towards internal and external companies."

    Example:Hitachi, Ltd.

    • Logo design

      by using new ideas
    • Poster design

      shows new ideas
    • Memorial magazine / picture

      Foundation - Produce history images of the future
    • Held a celebration to express gratitude

      to all partners and employees
    • Souvenir / goods

      Grateful gift for feeling

Digital Manual

Create an easy-to-understand work manual

  • Interested in making an ordinary manual as an electronic file?

    Digital contents of various manuals

    Use PPT to create digital communications that are difficult to understand, instead of explaining through documents.

    We provide a layout that is easy to see and easy to understand.

    Example:Hitachi High-Tech Amata Smart Services

  • Would you like to make the manual an video?

    Animation for newcome introductory education

    Animate basic skills such as work process and safety education for each item, Improves understanding of newcomers and reduces the burden on employees during education.

    Application example

    ■ Basic skills in assembly work

    • ・Screw tightening, tie wrap tightening
    • ・Crimping, bonding, soldering
    • ・Wire connection, piping connection
    Please consult us for multilingual support for workers from Southeast Asian countries

About Us

Hitachi Document Solutions Co.,Ltd.

Hitachi Document Solutions is designed to expand customers' businesses and create value in two areas: communication that connects people and people, people and companies, companies and companies, and work style that creates an environment that enhances business efficiency and productivity. We aim to contribute.

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