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  • Generate a three-dimensional bird's-eye view from multiple 360-degree cameras

    multi-View added Service for IoT With the installation of the platform, you can check the recorded video from various angles without making it into a 3D model.
    And able to understand the situation quickly, even if not in front of the job

  • Collection and analysis of situations such as "quantity" of work time by visual inspection and management Employee attendance time

    Various abnormalities that occur during operation can be seen by detecting images. And able to understand and manage things, including people and places quickly For example, the status of that employee

  • By using it with various sensors, you can see the position and status of that part even if there are obstacles.

    Multi-view display is possible by overlaying information accumulated / analyzed by IoT and 360-degree camera video.
    By cooperating with various devices and deep learning, we can visualize issues at the manufacturing site from all angles and promote business improvement.

In addition to information processing technology (IT) such as AI and big data analysis, Hitachi Industrial Control Solutions has control and operation technology (OT: Operational Technology), products and embedded (embedded) technology.

By combining these, IoT solutions that utilize operation data of devices etc. in the cycle of “Collection”,“Storage”, “Analysis” and “Improvement” are realized, and can be used by customers in the industrial sector and social infrastructure sector including the manufacturing industry.

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We provide various solutions from Thailand by combining our technologies and expertise in the field of IT and OT which will support the customers in the manufacturing sector to optimize their management and operations.

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