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Asset Sharing Service

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Illicit Drug Test

Precise illicit drug examination

Provided by

NPD Healthcare Service


Service at a glance

  • Only 10 seconds

    Result come out immediately, no need to wait

  • One test could detect upto 17 types of drug

    Examing items can be choosen freely

  • Sample collection done immediately so switching is impossible

    Later date examination service is also available

Our Services


  • At-site Examination Service

    Dispatching our equipment to your requested time and place to examine. Quick and easy; less effect to your work.

  • Nurse Dispatching Service

    Dispatching only our company nurse to your requested time and place to collect sample by wiping cloth. Examination would be done at our place and report results at a later date.

  • Posting Examination Service

    Delivering the wiping cloth in advance. After customer wiped and send back to us, we will process the examination and report result at a later date.

About Us

NPD Healthcare Service

*Provide Medical Check Service / Health Management Service in Thailand and sell test equipment for medical institutions
*Illegal drug testing service
*AED rental service

952 Ramaland Building 13 Fl., Rama 4 Rd., Suriyawongse, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

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Managing Director
Ryuta Kanematsu

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