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Benefit of level check test

"With level check test, you can check basic knowledge (quality, cost, lead time, logical thinking and calculation) about production management of supervisor and Leader level who work on site. "

  • Compare your company with other companies

    "What is our your employee knowledge level compared to other companies? you can compare “production management level” of your employee with other companies. "

  • Understand employee’s weakness

    How to prioritize training theme for each employee? Understanding your employee’s weakness can help you make efficiency training plan.

  • Check comprehension of QCD

    "Employee knows QCD but how much do they really understand about it? You can measure your employee understanding about QCD and also raise their awareness of it."

Test application condition and basic detail

More detail about level check test

  • Level Check Test - Application Details

    We are looking for companies with the following requirement to join level check test About test date and location, please contact for more information.

    - Target : Thai employee level leader or supervisor who work at production site Test date : contact us for more information

    - Test place : able to hold test at your company or online

  • Level check test - summary & result

    For level check test , we will provide into following 3 results. The result will be sent within 10-15 working day after we collected answer sheet.

    - Individual test results

    - Individual test results separated by field

    - Comparison with other companies

Regarding to the quality test “production meister” certification that able to develop ability and evaluate production management of human resource, our Thai representative office together with TPQI, government approved organization, will create full scale of “Thai version production meister” certification system. “Product Meister Test” sponsored by Human Resources Development Association (HRDA),general incorporated association, this is a certification test to judge and prove that each level of production site manager, first-line supervisor, group leader and person in charge have knowledge and ability about Role, Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety and Environment (R・Q・C・ D・S・E) or not. Also how much do they know about knowledge and ability in production management and role to production innovation. Since the first exam was held in October 2012, the cumulative number of examinees has reached to 22,654 (as of July 2019). JMAM is working on making and promoting teaching materials for ""Production Meister

Moreover, while surveying the need of local employee who work in Japanese companies that will expand to Thailand about JMAM’s product and service (qualification system, human resources support seminar and schedule planner etc), we also plan to develop product for Thai people at the same time.

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JMAM was established in 1942 as a core business of Japan Management Association which was set up to promote management efficiency in industrial world. Currently, we are working on distance education, e-learning, research and assessment.

WeWork T-One Building 20th fl., Soi Sukhumvit 40, Sukhumvit Road. Phra Khanong Khlongtoei Bangkok 10110

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