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Kaipro's strength

  • Monthly subscription fee 5,500 THB

    The subscription fee for Kaipro's service is very low at 5,500 THB per month. Kaipro's advisory contract uses the "Question Posting System", and by using the free time of experts effectively to answer, we are able to offer you significantly cheap price.

  • Well selected expertise for various fields

    Kaipro team's are carefully selected as professional who are highly expert various legal, tax, labor law with deep understanding of each industries context. We specialize in Thai accounting, tax affairs, labor affairs, legal affairs, and BOI and can handle a wide range of content.

  • Advisory service for COVID-19 affected cases

    We are providing consultancy service for labor and legal matters related to COVID-19 affected cases such as leave compensation for self-isolation and postponement of the general meeting of shareholders.

Kaipro's service flow

Step of Kaipro's service

  • 1. Send question via web system

    Send your inquiry via "Question Posting System" on our website.

  • 2. Answer your Questions by the specialiests.

    Kypro's experts will answers within the same same day to the next business day.

  • 3. Response by e-mail (No need to login))

    The answers will be sent to your e-mail account with no need login to the system.

  • FAQ regarding COVID-19 -1

    Question: My company is planning to hold a shareholders general meeting in late April, but due to the recent situation of the Coranavirus, the shareholders who are director of the Japan headquarters are planning to participate the meeting via web conference. In case using web conference, are there any problems or points to keep in mind under Thai law?

    Respondent : Takahisa Nagata | Lawyer / Attorney | TNY Legal Co., Ltd. Representative

    The official gazette dated April 19, 2020 loosen the requirements for holding a shareholders general meeting via web conference, making it possible for shareholders who stay outside Thailand to attend the shareholders general meeting via a web conference.

    In addition, the following requirements must be fulfilled.

    ・ Before the meeting, It must be proved for identity of each attendees oneself that all attendees are in person through electronic media.
    ・ Recording and storing the audio and video file of all attendees in electronic data format.
    ・ Arrange for both open and secret voting system, etc.

  • FAQ regarding COVID-19 -2

    If there is COVID-19 infected person found in a company. It will be closed for 14 days under the guidance of the authorities. Does this mean that the company will be fully obligated to pay its employees?

    Respondents : Naoki Nagasawa | Social Insurance Laborers and US Certified Public Accountants (inactive) | President, BM Accounting Co., Ltd.

    According to Thai law, wage compensation is not required in the case of "leave of work due to force majeure".

    In addition, a cabinet resolution on March 24, 2020 has determined that "dangerous infectious diseases including COVID-19 is force majeure during the period from March 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020".

    If an infected person occurs in the company, you will have to notify the authorities within 3 hours and the business will be suspended under the guidance of the authorities. In that case, wage compensation is not considered be necessary.

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About Us

Kaipro Co., Ltd.

Kaipro provides advisory and consultancy service by well selected professionals in various expertise. “Kai” stands for overseas in Japanese word “Kaigai”. “Pro” stands for "Professional". Overall meaning is we are prodding professional consultancy service for overseas business. Our subscription service offering with significantly low price at 5,500 THB per month. You can ask questions to multiple specialists such as accountants, lawyers, and laborer on the Web system and receive answers via e-mail. It can also be used for the purposes of "backing up the opinions of local staff", "answering questions from the parent company", and "confirming issues related the local legal system".


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Kasuki Nishikawa|CPA|Kaipro Co., Ltd., Representative|Lived in Thailand since 2014. Graduated from Waseda University. Acquired CPA during studying in the university. Started career at KPMG as an auditor. From 2014 start working as accounting consultant in Thailand. Lecturer in to over 275 business persons.
Ryuichi Sakata | Thailand tax and BOI expert|J Glocal Accounting Co., Ltd., Representative| Started working in Thailand since 2009 as expert in Thailand tax regulation. Handling cases from general tax support to negotiations with tax authorities. In 2018 and 2019 Lecturer at Nikkei Business School for "Practical course for expatriates" (2018, 2019)
Naoki Nagasawa | Social Insurance Labor Professional / USCPA (inactive) | President of BM Accounting Co., Ltd. | Since 2013, providing consultancy service to Japanese companies with deep knowledge of not only accounting tax affairs but also labor affairs. In 2018 and 2019 Lecturer at Nikkei Business School for "Practical course for expatriates" (2018, 2019)
Takahisa Nagata | Lawyers / Patent Attorneys | TNY Legal Co., Ltd. Representative | Osaka Bar Association Registration in 2010. Providing legal consultancy service to Japanese companies in Thailand for such as labor issues, conflicts, M&A, and intellectual property.
Yuji Tsutsumi | Lawyer | President of TNY Legal Co., Ltd. | Started consulting business in 2015 after working for a large law firm such as Anderson-Mori and Tomotsune. Currently, Engaging in business for contract writing and legal support related to M&A for Japanese companies in Thailand, Myanmar and Malaysia.

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