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Feature of our service

Service at a glance

  • Ease-of-use will be our first priority!

    We will try to adjust our products with customers request and unknown use.

  • You can find what you need within our various kinds of line-up!

    We can support several kinds of usage with our abundant line-up.

  • Custom design will be more competitive than standard products with short term delivery.

    We can customize according to our customer's requests using our long term experience.

Products Line Up

  • Standard products.

    We have developed 15 series of line-ups according to various kinds of customer's usage. These series could fit various kinds of customer's requests. One of the characteristic example is "NEXIS" developed for evaluation of cycle test for semiconductor boards. This is our standard line-up which has developed for evaluation test next to researcher's desk. This is developed from our customer's request.

  • Semi-Customized , Customized Products

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    We will develop customized products which are modified with standard products. They will be competitive price and short time delivery. Our semi-customized products will be quite same level of price with standard products. In case of customized products, we will try to develop new products according to our customer's request with very close to our standard price.

  • Example of customized product.

    We can adjust our chamber size with our customer's work size and easy to install in our customer's factory. 1. Change with work size (Inner chamber diameter) 2. Customize with installation (Out side diameter, Split for transportation and installation) 3. Customize with requested temperature, humidity, and functions. (Control of performance, attach blowers,Change inner diameters)

Let's try our service!

You can test by using your actual work putting in our machine

In some cases, it may not be clear until you put an actual work into the tester.
We offer service to take your actual work piece and test by our machine. Possible to confirm heating and how the machine react with many works inserted and temperature distribution in real situation. Moreover we offer semi and full customize to answer the customer needs. Please contact us if you have problems about environmental tester.

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Kato inc.

Environmental Tester and Incubator design, manufacture, maintenance and inspection

3767-8 Simonanbata, Fujimi-City,Saitama

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