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Equipment List

SU3500 Scanning Electron Microscope

This technique use electron beam generate topographic imaging at very high Magnification X30-X800,000After Imaging can use EDX-technique for elemental analysis.

1,500 THB / Hour
500 THB / Area
300 THB / Point
300 THB / Line
TM4000PLUS Table Top Microscope

This technique use electron beam generate topographic imaging at medium Magnification X30-X250,000 After Imaging can use EDX- technique for elemental analysis

800 THB / Hour
500 THB / Area
300 THB / Point
300 THB / Line
Mechanical Sample preparation

Solid Sample can be cut, mounting, Grinding and Polishing before SEM Imaging.

500 THB / Sample
500 THB / Sample
MC1000 Ion Sputter Coater

This Machine can coat thin film platinum or gold on non conductive sample for SEM Image.

500 THB / Time
IM4000PLUS Ion milling

Flat milling and Cross-Section milling after Mechanical Sample preparation This technique suitability before SEM Image.

600 THB / Sample
2,000 THB / Hour
MA3000 Mercury analyzer

This Machine can analyze Mercury in liquid and solid sample .

500 THB / Sample
NEX DE : Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence

This Machine can analyze elemental from sodium to uranium in Periodic Table suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

1,000 THB / Sample

This Atomic Force Microscope for analysis of surface by mechanical probe down to atomic level. Data can be provide in contact mode , DFM,EFM,PRM,MFM, FFM and more.

1,500 THB / Sample

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We are a distributor of inspection equipment with 30 years history in Bangkok. We will utilize our extensive knowledge of equipment and provide inspection services.

1131/62,64,325-331 Nakornchaisri Rd. ,Kwang Thanon Nakornchaisri , Khet Dusit , Bangkok 10300 , Thailand

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Pongsathorn Srivises
Lab manager
Suwattana Thongkam
Laboratory technician
Sunisa Srinate

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