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Do you have items or machinery that are not used in the company?

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  • Register for free

    Free product registration And for images of products or other information Can upload using a smartphone And in collaboration with the website, we hope high access to our website.

  • Whether selling a product or negotiation, please contact us.

    We can support you from preparing to display products until negotiation. Displaying products without revealing names and displaying multiple products simultaneously,please contact us.

  • In addition to the website, we also have matching services for partners.

    Not only on website. We also promote through flyers and seminar etc.


How to Use

How to Use

  • To locate

    With MatchMaker, you can buy and sell various products that are useful for business purposes. Let's search for the products you want. Pick up items introduce new and featured items. You may find a bargain!

  • Interact with partner

    Send a message to the seller of the item you want. We will check the specifications and conditions you are interested in and negotiate prices. We recommend that you decide how to pay the fees in advance.

  • Application

    Once you have decided the purchase price and specifications in the message, let's formally apply for purchase from the purchase application button on the left side of the screen. The system will guide you through what you need to do so that transactions can proceed smoothly.

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