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Boiler solutions starting with free diagnosis

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Boiler solutions starting with free diagnosis

Boiler Inspection and Various consulting solutions

By utilizing various systems, it is possible to upgrade to the latest boiler without spending initial investment!

We provide free boiler analysis services at no charge. For boiler users in Thailand.

Aging boilers and large boilers are less efficient and may have an increased environmental impact.

As a result of boiler diagnosis, it is possible to determine the boiler status during operation, such as whether updating to the latest equipment can be realized within the current energy cost range.

STEP 1.Visualize the cost of operating boilers

MIURA will inspect the boiler equipment, which is the starting point for the energy saving of the factory, without cost.

The total number of analyzes to date is over 35,000 in Japan! “Visualize” the current state of energy and propose solutions, such as whether ESCO business is possible

Free diagnosis for energy saving

  1. Analyze from the number of days
    Analyze and chart boiler management log data. In addition, we present trends and issues such as seasonal fluctuations.

  2. Analysis of energy consumption
    With the use of energy-based analyzers developed to measure steam fluctuations in seconds, the optimum capacity can be selected.

STEP 2.Renewal plan consultation for boiler

Based on the result of boiler diagnosis, we will support (consulting) about the update plan to the latest product.

  1. In the case of customer purchases product

  2. In the case of using energy service
    (Leasing consultation and maintenance consultation for up to 5 years (In the case that customers are in Thailand)

STEP 3. Consultation on utilization of various public systems

When upgrading to a high efficiency boiler in Thailand, you may be able to use the Japan or Thai public system.

The main systems are the “Japan’s Bilateral JCM Equipment Subsidy Project” by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan, the Thai Investment Committee (BOI) by the Kingdom of Thailand, and the Investment Promotion Act.

Based on the result of diagnosis, we will support (consulting) the optimal combination of systems including other systems.

Achievements of the public system where MIURA’s boiler was adopted

MIURA has many achievements in adoption of public system of boiler products mainly in Southeast Asia.

An example of JCM equipment assistance business in Thailand

  • Before improvement

  • After improvement

・Renewal from heavy oil combustion furnace flue pipe boiler to gas combustion once-through boiler
 (Estimated GHG emission reduction: 2,623 t / year)

MIURA INDUSTRIES (THAILAND) is a Thai corporation of Miura Industries, a leading manufacturer of industrial steam boilers in Japan.

At all sites, we propose optimal water management by water analysis service and online maintenance after installed to enable remote cause judgment even when problems occur and provide boiler chemicals that are essential for daily boiler maintenance We also support operations including installation prior to boiler installation.

By all means, at this opportunity, would you like “visualize” the environmental performance with a free diagnosis of your boiler?

Feature of MIURA service

Service at a glance

  • Visualize the current status of the energy saving free diagnostic boiler

    Analyze and chart customer boiler diary data to visualize current trends and issues.

  • Consultation and update Latest Product We can consider energy saving improvement and public system utilization

    We can compare running costs of existing boiler equipment and the latest boiler products, and propose a combination of systems that can reduce the cost burden on renewal, including various public systems, and leases based on the introduction results.

  • Boiler installation and maintenance service Anomaly can be predicted by online maintenance

    MIURA also supports maintenance after the installation of the boiler. Online maintenance enables remote cause determination even when problems occur and aims for early solution.

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In Thailand, we provide sales and maintenance of steam boiler products of the same quality as Japan, and provide services throughout Thailand based in addition to our head office Chachoengsao, Bangkok, Rayong and Ayutthaya.

216/52 13th Floor, L.P.N. Tower, Nanglinchee Road, Chongnonsee,Yannawa, Bangkok 10120

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