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  • Try out the capabilities and production of Share Factory.

    Before going to actually open the market in Thailand Able to try doing business in Thailand using Share Factory to build investor confidence before starting a real business

  • Remote monitoring from Japan

    The share factory is equipped with the latest IoT solution and can receive support from your HQ factory.

  • Visit to share factory is open

    Everyone can visit the factory. Please visit us for see the production system by using IoT technology.

Share factory concept

A share factory that provides total support for business expansion at AMATA !!

Prepare a factory with the necessary environment for overseas production, procurement of materials, securing and nurturing human resources, etc., and sharing with multiple Japanese SMEs to minimize the resources required for overseas expansion. Support for overseas expansion.

IoT technology that constitutes a share factory

⑤ Data confirmation by visualization of SFaaS

  • Smart factory data

  • Cloud

  • Visualization screen

* SFaaS︓ Smart Factory as a Service (Cloud-based IoT production management system)

① Monitoring by camera

The share factory has introduced multi-View added Service for IoT Platform with about 100 cameras and 4 units of 360-degree camera so that the process and work status can be monitored. Remote monitoring from Japan is also possible, ensuring "Japanese quality".

  • Overall view

    The entire work area in the factory is composed of 4 units of 360-degree camera, and the status of the entire factory can be checked intuitively on a single screen.

  • Data synchronization with performance

    By importing work performance data into multi-View added Service for IoT Platform as a CSV file, you can display the work time by color on the Time Chart and the work contents on the overall bird's-eye view screen. It is also possible to analyze work retroactively.

  • Movie playback screen

    The recorded video can be played back simultaneously with the 1st camera to the 10th camera and can also check the working status from different angles. More efficient in checking, checking and improving work

② Digitization with various sensors

Sensors are also attached to legacy manufacturing equipment and used as process data and equipment data.

  • Digital picking system

    Prevent the operator from picking up the workpiece incorrectly due to workpieces having similar shapes

  • Camera work support system

    More than 100 cameras are installed, and an effective work support camera system is installed for each process.

  • Types of sensors

    Install sensors such as load sensors and magnescales in legacy equipment, and extract data from inspection equipment and jigs.

③ Digital work manual

In order to make it easy for even inexperienced people to understand, we have devised visualization of work with photographs and illustrations. Since not only the work procedure but also how to deal with NG occurs, not only the worker but also the administrator can work in a unified procedure. It is also effective in digitizing production know-how and systematizing the procedure manual creation method.

  • Operating procedures

    The work procedure is made easy to understand with photos and illustrations, so that the work can be grasped immediately.

  • Workaround when NG occurs

    If an NG occurs, the procedure to be performed by the operator is clarified, and the administrator can immediately grasp it.

  • Methodology

    Compared with paper-based work procedure manuals, it is easier to accumulate production know-how through digitalization. It is also effective for procedural document creation system and culture.

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④ Worker name tag (ID card)

When the worker holds the employee ID card, the work order assigned to the person in charge is displayed on the monitor at the work place, so that work can be started immediately. Since work can be grasped in real time by dynamic management after work starts, work time can be quantified.

  • Check assigned work

    When the worker holds the employee ID card, the work instructions are displayed on the monitor at the work place.

  • Dynamic management

    All work instructions are managed for each process, and the progress of work can be confirmed.

  • Work time quantification

    Since work time, procedures, and processes are clarified, work loss can be reduced and work time can be quantified.

⑤ Data confirmation by visualization of SFaaS

  • Smart factory data

  • Cloud

  • Visualization screen

* SFaaS︓ Smart Factory as a Service (Cloud-based IoT production management system)

  • Confirmation of measurement data

    If the planned target work time is exceeded, the work results will be highlighted (red) so that you can immediately see which process is taking time.

  • Can open the workflow video at any time.

    Can check the work status of the process that exceeds the target time with measurement data with a video.

  • Automatic creation of inspection forms

    Inspection tables can also be automatically generated from the system. Since it can be automatically reflected in the inspection table depending on the item, man-hours for the inspection table can be reduced.

By sharing process data with IoT technology, the share factory will develop into Connected Industry Japan Industry 4.0 that connects to other processes and other sites / multiple sites. We will endeavor to help you by making use of our shared factories, such as supporting the advancement to Thailand, supporting the install of IoT, and supporting reverse innovation at the Japanese plant.

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Everyone can visit the factory. Please visit us for see the production system by using IoT technology.
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