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  • No secondary crack, distortion, material hardening

    Welding is a common method for repairing the damage. However, it is difficult to actualize an ideal work due to on-site work restrictions and individual skills. The heat effect on the equipment cannot be eliminated. Metal Fastening method is a repair method using mechanical joint. Therefore, rather than considering repairs as a task, we believe that repairs should be designed and carried out by using material mechanics.

  • Required time for repair Minimum 1 day onsite

    We do not use any fire or heat for repairs. Thus, the cure is extremely limited, repair without disassembly might be possible. A crack of about 200mm can be completed in 1 day.

  • No more unexpected crack re-occurrence

    We grasp the risk of crack recurrence as a numerical value by designing the repair. Accordingly, we will propose; Life extension until parts replacement, Life extension and permanent repair while performing regular maintenance depending on the situation

MetalFastening is a repair method for metal cracks and damages by mechanical joint using a special shape screw and reinforcing material lock.
Our first-time customers always think that
there is no other repair option if welding is not possible.

Repair Cases & Episodes

Example of our works

  • Cement mill

    There was a crack of about 1.5m inside the part that transmits the rotational power to the cylinder with approximate 3m diameter. The damage was serious and the customer concerned about worse problems which may be caused by unforeseen problems such as a necessity to disassemble to improve the welding accuracy, increasing costs, extended production downtime and thermal effect. Delivery lead time for parts replacement is 1 year. The customer expected that our company can reduce such above risks and extend the life up to one year until the part is replaced while repeating re-repair. The operation was implemented in August 2014. (6 days operation) As of May 2020, the repair department has never been requested to re-repair even once. The customer has already cancelled the consideration for the part replacement.

  • 400 ton Forging screw press

    The damage was so severe that about 40% of the frame supporting 400 tons was lost, and the production could not be done due to pressure loss. The customer has already ordered the new equipment. Delivery lead time was 6 months. Before this damage, it was welded and repaired several times thus the crack gradually became more serious. At this point, even welding was considered impossible to further repair. The customer has requested to repair the part and did not mind even if the life can be extended just by several weeks until the delivery due date. The operation was implemented in March 2014. (7 days operation) The operation completed without any production stop until the delivery of new equipment. As of May 2020, it is still used as a spare equipment when there is over-ordering.

Repair Cases & Episodes

Example of our works

  • Gear Case

    A request from our regular customer. After crack investigation, the customer requested to repair on the same day. The repair was completed on that day. To prepare for such urgent requests, we always prepare repair materials which can support the repair as much as possible.

  • Pump Case

    At first we declined because this repair required a lot of man-hours comparing to the product price while it has little benefit to the customer. However, the customer insisted that the importance is not the product price or repair price, the lead time to purchase a new part is 3 months and the production equipment may stop without this part, so we accepted to perform the repair.

  • 400 ton Press Gear

    The operation was implemented in March 2012. (3 days operation). We originally declined because we have never experienced in gear repair. However, the customer told us that they wanted to bet on our technology rather than the welding repair which they know to be useless, thus we carried out the repair. The customer also arranged to purchase a new part at the same time, the repair completed and there was no production stop during 1 year until the replacement.

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S.M.L.Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Our company provides repair services for equipment cracks and damages by using Metal Fastening. Please feel free to contact us if you encounter an emergency stop due to equipment damages, delays in resuming the production activities because an unexpected crack is found, or any concerns about the repair.

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