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Precision parts assembly in high quality clean room

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Toyo Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd

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  • We are Micro Parts Assembly Expert!

    We are proud to use our technology which have been cultivated throughout optical communication module assembly and semiconductor post‐process assembly to do fine parts assembly for most advanced device.

  • Ready-to-use High Spec. CLEAN ROOM in AMATA City Chonburi

    We can provide you class 1K & class 100K according to product type and customers' needs. Moreover, we also can provide you high skilled workers to handle your products.

  • One Stop Service from material purchasing to product transportation

    In addition to OEM that support from trial production to mass production in AMATA City Chonburi, as a partner of Hitachi High-Technologies, we together can support you a One Stop Service from material purchasing to product transportation

  • We are Japanese company so please feel reassured and consult with us!

    We have support system by Japanese engineer that we support everything we can.

Our Capability

  • Optical communication module assembly

    With more than 20 years experience, we had produced more than 1.5M pcs. in Thailand, and more that 10Mpcs. Including production result of other factory, that shipped around the world.

  • Semiconductor wafer test

    We have been providing service of Package final test and wafer-level testing of the most advanced MCU for Automotive. We are able to support micro-AU bump or AL pad on 4”~12” wafer.

  • On-vehicle Sensor Assembly

    We have been producing onvehicle-sensor which cleared severe quality standard by developed technology of Kofu Factory that achieved IATF16949 certification ※Toyo Electronics(Thailand) aim to obtain IATF16949 by CY2020.

About Us

Toyo Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd

The company was established in 2008, as 100% owned by Toyo Denshi Kogyou Co.,Ltd. By thoroughly introducing the technologies from JAPAN and making use of advantages of BOI benefits, we have been producing Optical Communication Modules and On-vehicle Sensor etc. with satisfiable cost, delivery date and quality.

700/167,Moo1,Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate(Phase2) T.Bankao A.Phanthong, Chonburi, 20160 Thailand

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Mr.Ooshima Masahiro
Vice president
Mr.Tsuji Hirokuni
Engineering Manager
Mr.Watcharin Sae-tang
(Nickname : Yai)
Production Control Manager
Mr.Kraisorn Singkanya
(Nickname : Aun)

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