Vehicle Sharing Service (VSS)

VSS (Vehicle Sharing Service) is a logistics service x AI service – optimizing shipper orders and truck spaces to provide cost-saving transportation

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Hitachi Transport System Vantec (THAILAND), Ltd.

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Our target

Strength of our services

Our strength

  • Reduction of Transportation Cost

    By matching shipper orders and nearby empty trucks, we will propose a transportation service with reduced cost.

  • Guarantee of Transportation Quality

    Hitachi Transport System Vantec (Thailand), an expert in distribution services, will provide a quality service by coming in-between customers and transporters.

  • Logistics Management Cost and Time-Saving

    Able to send request for dispatch on website from PC and smartphone, with real-time status check and evidence information.

Vehicle Sharing Service (VSS)

Service in detail

  • Utilizing AI for the best matching between shippers and trucks space

    By matching customer's dispatch orders to nearby available trucks, we will reduce the trucks from running empty. Therefore, not only is the transportation cost is cut but it is also expected to prevent issues such as traffic congesting, air pollution, labor shortage (with no registration fee required!)

  • High-quality transportation service

    This service is not only about matching. As a logistic service provider, we are proposing a "total transportation service". For example, we offer driver rating service for monitoring service quality, to provide the most reliable and effective transportation service.

  • Checking real-time status

    Not only are you able to register the order from website, but customers are able to monitor real-time transportation status on PC and smartphone. Driver's GPS information is always linked with VSS. Moreover evidences such as receipt stamp can be checked instantly (POD).

Other services


  • 3PL (3rd Party Logistics)

    We can offer "One-Stop service" combining warehouse and transportation service to meet customer needs. We also have a lot of experience in value added services such as labeling, checking, and packing products.

  • Forwarding

    Making full use of Hitachi Logistics Group’s worldwide network and expertise, we offer one-stop proposals that combine the most suitable transportation modes and related services that customer request.

  • Warehouse and transportation management system

    In order to visualize and simplify logistics arrangement, we utilize systems effectively such as "WMS (Warehouse Management System)" "TMS (Transport Management System)" and "FMS (Forwarding Management System)".

About Us

Hitachi Transport System Vantec (THAILAND), Ltd.

As a leading company of 3PL, we offer transportation, warehouse and forwarding services to meet customers’ needs. We will provide smart logistics by making a full use of IT (Information Technology) and LT (Logistics Technology) in addition to domestic and oversea networks and abundant experiences.

11/8-11/9 Moo 9 Bangchalong , Bangplee, Samut Prakan, 10540

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