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Service overview

Service features

  • Easy install at low cost. Maintenance-free

    No Need to modify or construct air conditioner. Easy to install while the air conditioner is operating. The structure is light and flexible. No maintenance after installation, thus no running cost is required.

  • Reduce electric power consumption

    Heat exchange efficiency is increased and compressor operating time is controlled by installing CONTENEWM. As a result, electric power consumption can be reduced significantly.

  • Reduce CO2, energy-saving

    Just attach an air conditioner can reduce electricity expenses(gas expense). It recovers the electricity (gas) bill. Contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emission without using any power.

Meganism of power consumption “loss” recovery

Use Example


Electicity expense on wasted will return by just place it on indoor unit filter of air conditioner.

Recover about 20% of power consumption.
*Verified by Kanagawa Institute of Technology


Product Specification

CONTINEWM® Product standard

■Size 49cm × 48cm × 2.5mm
■Weight 200g
■Color Dark brown
■Shape Honeycomb(Max. width 16.97mm、Min. width 14.7mm)
■Material Specific Clay Mineral,Low density polyethylene
■Manufactured Japan
■Patented  No.6486409
■Registration of designs No.1597440

Why electric power consumption can be reduced?

CONTINEWM will remove static electricity which interferes with air conditioner heat exchange and eliminates the consumption of wasted power.

  • Mechanism 1

    The heat exchanger (fins) and resin panel (insulator) in the air conditioner are positively charged due to the friction with the air caused by the rotation of the fan. When the air conditioner is charged, the airflow is disturbed and not come out as designed and the heat exchange efficiency decreases. In other words, when electrically charged air ⊕ passes through the fins and panels, repulsion(repulsive force) will affect and make air moves away from the surface. Then, the conductivity of heat becomes low, which worsen heat exchange efficiency. CONTINEWM, which constantly charges to ⊖, suppresses ⊕ charge generation and alter to non-electric charged air. Therefore, the air conditioner will not receive static electricity's influence and show heat exchange efficiency as designed.

  • Mechanism 2

    The lump of invisible trash and dust in the air which charged to ⊕, cannot be completely caught by dust filter. It passes through the filter easily and accumulates in the gap between heat exchange fins. It worsens heat exchange efficiency. However, a lump of ⊕ separates when it touches CONTINEWM which electrically charged to ⊖ . Trash and dust are hard to stick when the air becomes a non-electric charge.

  • Surface potential of CONTINEWM

    Used equipment:Made by Monroe Electronics, Inc. (USA) surface potential measuring equipment
    Body:Isoprobe-model 244
    Probe (sensor):model1017

  • Secondary Effect

    In the air sometimes it contains a "bad smell component" which electric charge to ⊕. When these are combined it will become the "origin of bad smell". And when bad smell air flow passes through CONTINEWM, Positively Charged Cluster will separate it. And it will become hard to smell. The Odorless air spreads throughout the space, it naturally creates creates a "comfortable environment." As long as the air conditioner is operating, "energy-saving" and "comfortable environment" will continue simultaneously at the same time. That is the reason that why we should select the CONTINEWM.

  • "Green Embassy" the social contributions in the environment.

    On May 16, 2018, a video was sent from the French embassy in Thailand to the French embassies around the world. This is an introduction to the "Green Embassy" project utilizing CONTINEWM which this embassy is working on. (The video is published with the approval of the French Embassy in Thailand)   

How to install

Mounting method

  • Ceiling cassette type

    Open cover and place on the filter. Do not put it between cover and filter.

  • Rectangle embedded type

    Depending on the size of the indoor unit, cut it to 1/2, etc and place it on the filter, or put it in the empty space as shown.

  • Condenser for refrigerator and cooler

    In case there is a gap between the cooler and wall, fix it on the suction side (heat exchange side). If there is no gap or afraid of contact with the defroster, you can fix it on effusion (The front of the fan side).

  • Processing ability on site

    It is made of polyethylene, Thus you can be cut easily by scissors on site and adjust to the size of the indoor unit.

About Us

S.M.L.Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

In Thailand, Air conditioners make up a large proportion of electricity expenses, because they are used throughout the year. Without heavy equipment and running costs, CONTINEWM can be expected to be energy-saving. It does not take time to install. Please feel free to contact us.

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