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Features of Teachme Biz


  • Quickly create an easy-to-understand "Visual" manual

    Whether it's the difficulty of creating visual work manuals with Office software or reading manuals with only texts, Teachme Biz can easily help you create reader-friendly manuals.

  • Conveniently search for created manuals, distributed and shared with related employees.

    Teachme Biz has a detailed search function, task delivery and a QR code that provides direct access to the target manual. Makes it easy to find and share the manual you want.

  • Training functions that support the development of human resources and reduce problem in employee training

    Providing functions that can speed up employee's development such as training courses creation, implementation status analysis and course attendance report.

Teachme Biz Feature List


  • Easy-to-read manual for seamless knowledge sharing

    Create easy-to-read manuals including each step of your business process with images, videos, title, description.
    Moreover, You can also include links to connect other manuals and refer to other websites.

  • Anyone can easily create an easy-to-understand manual

    Easily create guides by only upload pictures, videos, or PC screen captures through the application. The files will be added directly to the manual step so no need to edit any videos.
    Furthermore, you can also extract an image from video and use it as a manual cover by using the Snapshot function.
    * Snapshot function: Patent No. 6470262.

  • Deliver the latest work manual to wherever you are

    Browse the manual anytime and anywhere with QR code function, Bookmark function (offline browsing) and a well-developed search function. You can quickly find the information you want to know.
    In addition, it is also possible to notify job-related staff when a manual is released or its content has been updated.
    * Offline browsing function requires special settings and it can only be used for IOS and Android apps.

  • Improve work quality and efficiency with continuous manual improvement

    With a thorough analysis of access logs and search logs, you can also improve the quality and develop the manual continuously.
    In addition to the history of manual viewing status in graphs, for easy viewing, you can also export CSV files.

  • See and understand "Teachme Biz"

    Teachme Biz is a Visual SOP Management Platform where work procedures can be seen and passed on. Allowing for productivity improvement and business growth. Teachme Biz is trusted by over 2,500 businesses big and small in a diverse variety of industries.
    Create manuals on your smartphone! No need for a computer! Easily visualize workflows! Distribution and management tools included!

Effective cases using Teachme Biz

Case Study

  • Two hours spent in recruting left only 15 minutes!

    Created Teachme Biz content (company introduction and recruting flow attached with picture and video) applying with Google Form, and started new recruting operation. With created a manual and flow, applicants can browse contents of Teachme Biz in advance before applying job. As a result, the interview time was shortened and you can gather employee with high level of consciousness.

  • Increase corporate value by using Teachme Biz Throw "old fashion manual" and use "visible" manual.

    Until now even we have training in verbal and manual, but we still have problems such as "not updated!" "not visible!" because they are paper-based. In Thailand, many people are interested in ICT and the penetration rate of mobile phones is quite high, so most of people can access to Teachme Biz smoothly. Moreover, the fact that training create communication and raise awareness for work improvement is most significant.

  • Aiming to improve service, customer claims reduce 80%! Food loss for cooking training is also significantly reduced to 1/3

    With Teachme Biz recipes can be visualised, so employee can understand faster with no language barrier. Moreover, employee can confirm even cooking process, help them grow up and understand “standard of food quality!” “importance of process!” “Japanese food culture!” Furthermore, ingredients used for staff training has been reduced 10-20%. Also, questionnaire that put in store, from 10 complaints a month in the past, but now just 1-2 cases.

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