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Highly accuracy measure amount of using oil

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  • Measure consumption of various fuel oils

    Highly accurate measurement of fuel oil consumption used in generator, boiler, manufacturing process in factory such as heavy oil, light oil and gasoline. Contributes to manufacturing process control and fuel oil savings

  • Remote management with external output

    Since signal output of flow rate is possible to outside control panel, it can support to confirm the totalized value and instant flow rate, preset the flow volume and output the data, in office.

  • Possible to measure cooking oil and solvent

    Not only can measure cooking oil such as palm oil, soybean oil, fish oil that are used in food industry but also can measure solvents such as toluene and xylene

Information of main products

Product Lineup

  • Mechanical oil flowmeter

    Mechanical dial display type

    A durable flow meter with a mechanical display and can be used outdoors. A reset counter is standard equipment.
    ■ Flow rate: 0.07 to 180 m3 / hour
    ■ Diameter : 15mm-150mm
    ■ Accuracy: +/- 0.5% (+/- 0.2% option)
    ■ Connection: JIS or ANSI flange

  • Electronic oil flowmeter

    Electronic counter display type

    A flow meter with 10 years battery-powered and possible to output external signal. Able to display electronic totalizer, reset counter and instant flow rate.
    ■ Flow rate: 0.07 to 130 m3 / hour
    ■ Diameter : 15mm-100mm
    ■ Battery life: Approximately 10 years
    ■ External output: Open drain pulse, analog output, alarm signal

Example of installation

Case study

  • Measurement of fuel oil consumption

    Measure the consumption of fuel oil used in factory equipment.

  • Measurement of mixing solvent amount

    Highly accurate measurement and control mixing amount of solvent used in the production line for paint and adhesive etc

  • Measurement of cooking oil usage.

    Control the mixing and using amount of cooking oil used in food industry

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We can also introduce you to measurement of various liquid other than oil. For product inquiries, please contact the following.

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